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Reason #1,455,888 That This Girl Worries Me….

O came to me this morning asking if I’d cut a pair of tights in half so that she could wear the bottoms as socks.  She said that she had a blue outfit that they would look “great” with.  So I did….

She quickly discovered that she could wear the top half as bicycle shorts under skirts and the bottom half as the socks that she’d wanted. I was curious as to what outfit she was putting together.  She does have a cute blue prairie skirt so I thought she was tying the socks in with that skirt….I was wrong.   Very wrong.


Here is the outfit she has so proudly pulled together to wear out to lunch with my son’s second grade teacher (who has coincidentally become a good friend).  This teacher will likely have O in her class for second grade….I wonder if she’s ready for O?


Grammy - One has to admit, it is rather cute, just like Olivia.

Kimberly - The big question is, did you let her wear it to lunch? (and if we can harness their powers for good instead of evil, our girls will ROCK this world!!)

Lauren - Fashion… hummmm is totally subjective…No comment as my son can put together some interesting attire as well.

JeniferS - Yes, I did let her wear it to lunch. :)

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